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What are common Year Round Pests?

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Most areas of Central and West Texas have excellent weather for insects. They are active virtually year round. Termites are found year round in our service areas. Cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders are commonly found in homes all year. Ants such as pharaoh ants, little black ants, and other ants can be seen year round in [...]

What are common Winter Pests?

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Insects are less active in the winter, except on warm days; however many pests can still be active in and around your home. Many will move into or under your home to keep warm during the cooler months. Rodents are especially problematic due to colder temperatures outside and warm, cozy homes inside. Yellow jackets (paper [...]

What are common Fall Pests?

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Fall may see a dramatic change in temperatures, which slows many insects down. Others are stimulated by this change and will become much more active. Termites are very active this time of the year and following the summer rains it is not unusual to see their continued activity.

What are common Summer Pests?

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Summer is also a very active time of year for insects. Depending on the weather and temperature, Bees continue to swarm well into the summer months. Ants and crickets will also increase their activity this time of year. Cockroaches are seen more frequently indoors during summer because they are searching out more favorable conditions such [...]

What are common Spring Pests?

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Spring is when most insects begin to be most active. Fire ants, Isopods (pill bugs), and spiders are very common around homes during the spring. Wasps are also very common in eaves and doorways. Structure infesting ants such as little black ants, pharaoh ants (sugar ants), crazy ants, and carpenter ants will be seem with [...]

Why should I hire a professional instead of attempting to control my pest problems myself?

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A professional pest control technician who has been appropriately trained will provide you with the best and most environmentally sound method for eradicating unwanted pests from your home. We have years of experience servicing pest control needs in the Brown & Surrounding County area by establishing Peace of Mind and Trust with our customers and [...]

What can I do to keep pests away?

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Usually pests enter a home for shelter, food, and/or water. The following tips may help keep your home free of pests: (1) Keep food crumbs off the counters and clean shelves regularly. (2) Keep snack bags clipped shut or use Ziploc bags. Store foods such as cereal, flour, and pet food in sealed containers. (3) [...]

What are “General Pests”?

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General Pests is a category of pests that are common in Central Texas. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: Spiders, Crickets, Pill Bugs, Most Types of Ants, Most Types of Roaches, Wasps, Scorpions, etc.