Most areas of Central and West Texas have excellent weather for insects. They are active virtually year round. Termites are found year round in our service areas. Cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders are commonly found in homes all year. Ants such as pharaoh ants, little black ants, and other ants can be seen year round in homes. Flies, gnats, and other flying insects are also common in homes all year. It is important to note that different weather patterns can yield very different pest problems. In some years a certain pest can be at nearly epidemic populations year round, in others we may see them for only a few short weeks. We all know that our trees and shrubs use the winter months to strengthen and develop their root systems in order to support vigorous growth when the weather warms in the spring. Pest populations work in a very similar manner. Overwintering populations that are not addressed by a regular service program during the cooler months can lead to much more serious pest problems the following spring. Just because we are not seeing these pests with the same regularity as during warmer months, does not mean that they are gone. Their populations are growing and developing and will re-appear with even more vigor in the spring.