Usually pests enter a home for shelter, food, and/or water.
The following tips may help keep your home free of pests:
(1) Keep food crumbs off the counters and clean shelves regularly.
(2) Keep snack bags clipped shut or use Ziploc bags. Store foods such as cereal, flour, and pet food in sealed containers.
(3) Promptly wipe up messes & spills on countertops and floors.
(4) Keep garbage in sealed containers and dispose of your trash regularly.
(5) Sweep the floor.
(6) Mop up any sugary stains.
(7) Keep dishes cleaned and put away.
(8) Keep fruit in the refrigerator or a sealed container. Not only can food cause a problem – so can water. You may notice that many insects and pests seem to be around the kitchen sink or around the bathtub. This is because there is a water source in these areas.
(9) Check under sinks and do what you can to reduce any leaky or dripping faucets and pipes. If you have mold and mildew in your home or office crawl space, it’s a symptom of an excess moisture problem.
(10) Check for crumbs and wrappers that may get hidden under sofa cushions or bedspreads.
(11) Clean out your fridge and freezer on a regular basis.
(12) Declutter: Piles of papers and other objects strewn about your business/home/apartment can provide food or shelter for pests, such as cockroaches. Many insects thrive in wet environments, so keeping your business/home/apartment dry helps keep these cockroaches away. Get leaky faucets or broken pipes fixed promptly.
(13) Locate and seal any cracks and holes outside your home. Make sure vents are screened and gaps around windows and doors are sealed.
(14) Check around the perimeter of your home for leaky faucets and anything that allows moisture to pool around the base of your home.
(15) Eliminate debris from gutters.
(16) Trim tree branches and shrubbery from around your home.
(17) Store firewood and other wood at least 20 feet away from your home.