(1) Wash all pet bedding (including items your pet lays or sleeps on) in hot, soapy water.
(2) While washing potentially flea infested items, vacuum. When the vacuum bag is full, seal it in a plastic trash bag and put it in a covered trash container, preferably outside. Otherwise, they can crawl out.

Here are some spots to concentrate on when vacuuming:
– Areas that don’t get much exposure to sunlight (fleas like humid and cool spots)
– Upholstered furniture (lift up those couch cushions)
– Crevices around baseboards and cabinets (that’s where the eggs and larvae are probably hiding)

(3) Treat your pets for fleas. If possible, make sure to use a shampoo or spray that has an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in it to prevent fleas from continuing to breed.
Prune foliage and trim grass to expose flea larvae to sunlight.
(4) Mow the lawn regularly.