Warning Signs That You May Have Carpenter Ants Include:
• Sawdust [Also Known as “Fress”] – Wood shavings, dead ants and old ant cocoons are often piled up outside of the nest.
• Windows – Small slit-like openings that carpenter ants cut into damaged wood.
• Swarmers – The winged reproductive that usually but not always swarm in the spring. Look for them trapped in spider webs, on window ledges, or in light fixtures. They are good clues to nest location.
• Workers – Solitary ants wandering aimlessly, most active at night. You may not see any activity during normal working hours. If you do it does not mean the nest is nearby. Worker ants can travel the length of a football field looking for food.
• Clicking – Rustling or clicking sounds can sometimes be heard coming from carpenter ant nests. If you identify potential nest site, try tapping against it with your hand or a tool. You may get a response, clicking of alarmed ants. Get close enough and you can actually hear the colony chewing through wood inside your walls.
• Water Damage – When you find the leak, the carpenter ants are usually there. Carpenter ant damaged wood contains galleries that feel sandpapered very smooth and clean.